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Re: How to netboot NetBSD-5/i386

* Martijn van Buul:
> Sadly, with the new bootstrap procedure in netbsd-5, this is no longer the
> case. There is no INSTALL kernel anymore, it's just a GENERIC kernel with a
> kernel module loaded afterwards, and try as I might, I haven't been able to
> make this work over PXE.

OK, I figured it out, not quite sure why I didn't get it to work in the
first place. The key is to abort pxeboot, and enter 

load tftp:miniroot.kmod
boot tftp:netbsd-GENERIC.gz

after that, it went off without a problem - although I'm now mildly puzzled 
why GENERIC now doesn't seem to want to deal with my ethernet adapter 
anymore, considering how I just did a net install with it...

Martijn van Buul - 

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