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Re: Install with Windows

Steven M. Bellovin, 12/18/08 17:13:
On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 06:34:24 -0800 (PST)
Rim3nX <> wrote:

Cem Kayali wrote:
Rim3nX, 12/18/08 13:00:
I have 3 partitions on my laptop...
On the first one its Windows
On second are my important files
Third is free, where I wona Install NetBSD... How can I do it
without harming the rest of the Hard Drive, not formating whole
hard disk. I wona install it just as Linux could be installed, by
chosing witch partition Im gona use for next operating system...
Is it possible.
Well i would prefer following method, i tried before --- assuming
there is a partition ready to accept a new OS:

- Use an iso image to burn NetBSD into a single CD.

- Make sure your notebook boots from CD.

- Insert NetBSD into CD drive... Wait untill you see 'Installation messages in English' screen.

- While it asks fro installation partition, choose proper one, by changing its flasg to I(nstall)... DO NOT SET IT ACTIVE!

- Next screens, it will ask you NetBSD boot code, and will warn you about MBR records to boot NetBSD... Select NO! NO!

- Install

Well you have not touched MBR records and didnt change active partition... Your windows will never realize any difference. NetBSD
is invisible.

How you can start NetBSD? Easy: Insert CD rom again, touch any key before booting and type: "boot hd0a:netbsd"

That's all.!!!

Alternatively, you can use a linux grub to start NetBSD, if you are
more familiar to Grub.

Do I install GRUB via NetBSD...
What is MBR

MBR is the master boot record -- among other things, it has the boot

I don't agree that you should not install the NetBSD boot code, though
I"ve had enough trouble with a Vista machine lately that it might be
correct.  You don't need grub; NetBSD's boot code can handle booting
Windows or NetBSD.

                --Steve Bellovin,

According to my past experiences (i remember in the past, i wasn't familiar to NetBSD and its installation), it may be headache once you do not see windows after first boot and dont know how to reconfigure system --- though win is still there! ;)


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