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Re: Install with Windows

Rim3nX, 12/18/08 16:34:

Cem Kayali wrote:
Rim3nX, 12/18/08 13:00:
I have 3 partitions on my laptop...
On the first one its Windows
On second are my important files
Third is free, where I wona Install NetBSD... How can I do it without
harming the rest of the Hard Drive, not formating whole hard disk.
I wona install it just as Linux could be installed, by chosing witch
partition Im gona use for next operating system... Is it possible.
Well i would prefer following method, i tried before --- assuming there is a partition ready to accept a new OS:

- Use an iso image to burn NetBSD into a single CD.

- Make sure your notebook boots from CD.

- Insert NetBSD into CD drive... Wait untill you see 'Installation messages in English' screen.

- While it asks fro installation partition, choose proper one, by changing its flasg to I(nstall)... DO NOT SET IT ACTIVE!

- Next screens, it will ask you NetBSD boot code, and will warn you about MBR records to boot NetBSD... Select NO! NO!

- Install

Well you have not touched MBR records and didnt change active partition... Your windows will never realize any difference. NetBSD is invisible.

How you can start NetBSD? Easy: Insert CD rom again, touch any key before booting and type: "boot hd0a:netbsd"

That's all.!!!

Alternatively, you can use a linux grub to start NetBSD, if you are more familiar to Grub.



Cem Kayalı

Do I install GRUB via NetBSD...
What is MBR


What MBR is here:

If you are not familiar with installing softwares from source, and installing Grub... I advise you to use the way i mentioned, without touching MBR and without changing active partition ---- simply because you would like to use your Win installation and (i suppose) you are not familiar with NetBSD.

Anyway, it is always good idea to get backup before doing anything - *a warn*.


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