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Re: ' tools' for netbsd-2 sources failing on NetBSD 4

At 14:45 Uhr +0100 09.12.2008, Tobias Nygren wrote:
On Tue, 9 Dec 2008 14:00:29 +0100
Hauke Fath <> wrote:

 An attempt to (cross-)build netbsd-2 sparc on a netbsd-4 machine
 fails early while building the netbsd-2 gcc:

 Should I send-pr?

I guess there won't be any more pullups to netbsd-2 since it's EOL.

Hum, yes. Forgot about that.

It should work, however, to crossbuild netbsd-2 inside a netbsd-2
chroot on a netbsd-{3,4,5} system. If that doesn't work, there's
some binary compatibility problem which should be adressed on the

That's quite convoluted. I've built NetBSD 1.5 that way, and thought was to make things easier. Cross-building NetBSD was intended to be possible from many platforms, so it's strange that the (supposedly portable) tool build should break on newer NetBSD versions...

Maybe I should try cygwin as host platform instead?  ;)


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