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how to create a disk image? (shark; disklabel + / + swap)

I want to make a disk image that I can dd(1) to my shark,
but I'm not really sure how to assemble it.

What I know is
 - how to do a build, giving me kernels, executables and libs (etc.)
 - how to use makefs, to create a file system image from a directory of files
 - how to use disklabel to add a BSD disklabel and partitioning to an
   image file
 - how to use installboot, to add a bootloader to a disk/file system image
   (not applicable for the shark port, but still).

What I'm lacking is how I assemble all this (disk label, / file system, swap space) into a disk image.

Is there some easy way to automate this (e.g. size calculations for the disklabel/partitions)? Or is it all manual fiddling?

I'm at a bit of a loss here... please help! :->

 - Hubert

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