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Re: problem using dladdr API in NetBSD

Sorry it was my mistake the code given below is from the file
It is in the implementation of dladdr() API.Line no:792 i am referring
the NetBSD 3.1 release

Hope my query is making some sense to you.

Thanks in Advance,

2008/10/13 Christos Zoulas <>:
> In article 
> <>,
> Channa  <> wrote:
>>It worked for me when i changed the rtld code
>>in the headers.c file
>>Line No:792        for (symoffset = 0; symoffset < obj->strsz; symoffset++) {
>>                            ........
>>                          ..........
>>             }
>>Since the obj->nchains is not getting filled, i chaged the condition
>>in the for loop to
>>as shown above.
>>I assume that the size of the nchains got from the has table is same
>>as obj->strsz i.e string table size.
>>Please correct me if my assumption is wrong.
> What does the code from head look like which is presumably correct?
> christos

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