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Re: is NetBSD-4.x NFS Server locking support broken?

On 20-Sep-08, at 3:33 PM, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

If your NAT box receive a request on port 111, how should it know to
which client to redirect it ? Not to mention that the NAT box should
also decode RPC replies and install proper port redirection ...

Indeed if the server needs to contact the client portmapper then that won't work unless the NAT has set up a direct mapping for all port 111 connections to go to just one client.

I was apparently under the mistaken impression that the RPC protocol for locking would work the same way that it seems to do for NFS itself. Since NFS works with either UDP or TCP through this NAT, I assumed the locking protocol would also work.

I also see in rpc.lockd/lock_proc.c that there's no chance a client could ever use TCP for locking since the code currently (in netbsd-4) has a "#if 1" around the UDP setup for clnt_tp_create(). Sigh.

Eventually I'm sure I'll confirm that it works without the NAT.

                                        Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.

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