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glxsb(4) and other opencrypto(9) engines in use by cgd(4) and fast_ipsec(4) ?

Couple of crypto(9) related questions:

1) We're revisiting they way we deploy CGD systems.  I have a note from
   last year (can't find the referencing e-mail) about how certain
   kernel-level systems (ipsec and CGD) weren't yet utilizing opencrypto
   engines, including hardware accelerators?

   Is this accurate and if so, is it still the case?

2) Does the presence of 'device swcrypto' override / disable any
   hardware crypto devices present?  

3) Should rndctl(8) maybe have an rc.d/ script?  It appears that I
   need to enable various source manually using:
   # rngctl -e -t disk net rng

4) We should probably document these systems in the Wiki or NetBSD
   guide, which I will work on.


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