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Re: FPGA dev board and Xilinx tool or other tools, from NetBSD

Magnus Eriksson wrote:
On Tue, 16 Sep 2008, Michael Kell Jensen wrote:

Are there anybody running, connecting to a xilinx (or other) development FPGA board, with youe NetBSD OS,

I'd love to hear from anyone doing this too. Or even just getting some informed speculation would be nice. Linux versions of the vendors' tools should work, right?

Take care,

Linux, yes, Xilinx creates it both for linux and windows, red hat is the supported one. There is and old article on the net how to get Xilinx (linux version) to work on NetBSD.(it from 2005 i think)

What i Thought was if any body used accessed and "burned" FPGA via more native NetBSD tools (base + pkgsrc), well i gues i can access something via serial. but what else ?.

Why are you looking at this (Magnus).
Im myself am studying IT in Denmark Danish Technical Institute (DTU), and like the embedded courses a lot, both software and hardware. And the evppc port for NetBSD was very inspirational :)


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