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Re: Newbie have some questions about NetBSD

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 08:34:00AM +0800, Ling Xiaoheng wrote:
> Should I rebuild the system via source code?

You can do that if you want. "" makes that very easy. But it is
not necesasry.

> ... or only need rebuild kernel.

You don't even need to rebuild the kernel. A lot of people (including me)
however prefer that to get a smaller kernel with less unnecessary drivers,
filesystems etc..

> I remember in the FreeBSD,when us update system we should
> rebuild world and then rebuild kernel.What about in the NetBSD?

If you update NetBSD via sources you will have to do that, too. You can
however use "" to accomplish both task.

> By the way,does NetBSD have any special for the CPUTYPE,

Yes, please use "CPU_FLAGS" for that purpose. Here is an example:

CPU_FLAGS=      -march=pentium3

Please do *not* set "CFLAGS". You might break the NetBSD build and you
will for sure break the build of some of the packages in "pkgsrc".

> I read the chatper about Crosscompiling NetBSD with
>, In that
> chapter,I can't understand what is userland use for,is it important?

Yes, it. Userland is the term used for everything except the kernel
(binaries, libraries, manual pages, include files, etc.). So you
will definitely need it.

> And I also can't understand with Static Builds and Toolchais.

Don't worry about static builds, you don't need them. The toolchain
is the set of tools which is required to build NetBSD. This includes
of course the compiler and linker but also tools to generate manual
pages and other data files. "" will those for you automatically.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                        

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