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Re: sync(1) not really syncing??

Am 11.09.2008 um 14:37 schrieb Antti Kantee:

Please, actually study the kernel code before making incorrect claims.
There is no such possibility for a large file DoS in NetBSD since files
are flushed as they are written (this, however, may be argued to be
suboptimal ...).

Also, sync does not necessarily even start to sync all buffers. Unmount,
however, does, and it also waits for buffers to be synced.  Even so,
it is implemented in the file system and some file systems may have bugs

Please read again what I wrote. I said it's NOT like that atm, but the OP proposed to stall the whole system when you type sync. And that *WOULD* _DEFINITELY_ allow for a DoS, if that change would be made. It can be a blocking syscall, that's ok, but NEVER block the whole system - that's not acceptable, but what the OP suggested.


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