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Re: sync(1) not really syncing?? wrote:

> Hmm, didn't know whether this really would fit into tech-*.
> Just an observation: On hardware where you can see disk access (like
> USB sticks) you can see the lights flashing even after a sync; umount.
> Maybe that's (one of the) reason(s) that removing USB sticks can
> crash your system (if you remove it before it would flash "a final
> time"). What bothers me about it that after a sync(1) has returned,
> and the thing was unmounted, it shouldn't ever flash. Never.

Is there a chance that your USB stick is just flashing regularly because
it's still connected?  Try running "iostat -x sd0 1" (or whatever sd
device your USB stick shows up as) and see if there's any I/O traffic
after you unmount.


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