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Re: Newbie have some problem in NetBSD

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 2:08 PM, Ling Xiaoheng 
<> wrote:
> I'm the newbie for NetBSD,I always using FreeBSD before.Now I'm insteresting
> in NetBSD.I wanna rebuild it via the source.I read the NetBSD Guide Book,I
> saw there are 3 version about NetBSD source code,there are NetBSD release
> branch,NetBSD stable branch and NetBSD current branch.
> If I use Release Branch,what's the different with Stable Branch,is that like
> FreeBSD Standard source code,just fix some security problems?

Please read this:

"This can either be in the form of a major release like 2.0 or 3.0, of
a maintenance (stable) release such as 2.1, or a security/critical
release like 2.0.2."

So if you're happy with 4.0 and ONLY want security fixes, 4.0.1 is for
you.  If you want security fixes and stable  (but possibly new)
features, look out for 4.1.

> Should I rebuild the system via source code? or only need rebuild kernel.I
> remember in the FreeBSD,when us update system we should rebuild world and
> then rebuild kernel.What about in the NetBSD?

You can do either.  You should probably do both so you get fixes for
both kernel problems and userland problems.

> By the way,does NetBSD have any special for the CPUTYPE,In the
> FreeBSD(/etc/make.conf
> there have
> CPUTYPE enabling optimisations more specific to my CPU,but I can't find any
> detail information about NetBSD.

Specify this with or let figure it out if you're not
You can put options in /etc/mk.conf if you really want to.

> I read the chatper about Crosscompiling NetBSD with
>, In that chapter,I
> can't understand what is userland use for,is it important? And I also can't
> understand with Static Builds and Toolchais.I'm not english native
> speaker.Who can explain to me more easy to understand.

Userland is everything that is not the kernel (all the programs).
It's important.

Static builds are linker terminology.  If you don't know about it, you
probably don't need it.

Toolchains are the programs needed to build NetBSD.  (gcc, ld, make, etc)

> --
> Regards

good luck.


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