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Re: Truecyrpt under NetBSD

In article <ga1hcb$1utm$>,
Christian Baer  <> wrote:
>Hi there everybody!
>Has anyone out there ever tried to get Truecrypt[1] to run under NetBSD? 
>And preferably succeeded? :-)
>If so, to what extent? How compatible is it to the whole system? Does it 
>work as well as under Linux?
>I know NetBSD hat cgd, which I use quite extensively. However I need to 
>exchange data between some boxes running different OSs (namely Windows, 
>Ubuntu and NetBSD, the latter being my machine). We are talking about 
>something like 15GB of sensitive Data that has to be encrypted while in 
>transit (on a hard drive).
>BTW. The OS-park wasn't my idea. We are three companies and I only get a 
>say about what *we* use. :-)

I think truecrypt comes as a fuse module, so it should wort in theory
with rump.


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