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Re: Can someone recommend a book for learning C?

thacrazze wrote:
> Can someone recommend an English book for those, who never programmed.
> This is a little bit old I think, because it doesn't contents the ANSI
> C99 standard
> This is I think the best choice for me, because it's not old and on
> the first look easy to understand

Stop.  If I may say so, you're making a mistake.  

I read the whole c_book last night and was impressed with its attention to
detail and thoroughness.  For example, it pays great attention to linkage
and integer promotion.  It includes a reasonable introduction to the C
standard library, without which C is not very useful except in special

That the book is old shouldn't discourage you.  C is old and is evolving
very slowly.  The C89 standard is *very* widely implemented.  C99 is only
now getting implemented.  You could code for years in C and never need or
bump into a C99 feature.  And in any case there's very little difference
between the two.  

The wikibook, however self-congratulatory it may be, is a scattershot
effort.  I would not try to learn anything from it.  

Instead, if you really want to learn C, read the c_book slowly, doing the
exercises, cover to cover.  You'll learn a ton from someone who knows. 
Then go ahead and update your knowledge by reading some articles on the
C99 standard and its new features.  



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