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Re: /dev files, mfs, audio, startup etc.

 >> Q1) Why these device files are absent?

> Because you somehow managed not to run the (cd dev; ./MAKEDEV all) step
> when installing -- did you use sysinst, or install "by hand"?

This happened a few months ago when my NetBSD box failed because of
HDD breakage. I probably made something very bad while restoring my
system using NetBSD 2.0.2 installation CD (installed system is 4.0).

> If /dev/console is missing, init mounts an MFS on /dev at startup time
> and creates a minimal set of devices there.  The problem is, it is then
> hard to get at the real /dev underneath it in order to fix things.

> You could either boot from install media, mount your normal / filesystem
> on /mnt, then (cd /mnt/dev; ./MAKEDEV all) or try using nullfs to remount
> / like this:
Thank you very much! Now I see what happened and where it is
documented :-) I restored my system being in single user mode like this.

 umount -f /dev
 cd /dev
 ./MAKEDEV all

It seems everything works fine now.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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