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Re: /dev files, mfs, audio, startup etc.

Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
Q1) Why these device files are absent?
I guess it is because your /dev is mfs mounted. Even if you create your devices with MAKEDEV, you will lose /dev content upon reboot.

Anyway, for me, with netbsd-4, /dev is just another directory (like /etc or /usr), populated during sysinst.
Q3) What should I do in order to enable my audio card.
    Some time ago, it definitely worked just fine.
If you want to run ./MAKEDEV all, you should increase your /dev size. MAKEDEV fails because there is no space left.

Try running just a ./MAKEDEV audio first, and see if you have sound again.

A solution would be to have /dev directly on the root partition.
What files are created at NetBSD startup?
Where this process is documented?
Good question. Between netbsd 4 and -current, I have seen work about dynamic device configuration, like devfs. But I do not know more than that, sorry.

Jean-Yves Migeon

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