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Re: software RAID: ataraid(4) vs raidframe(4) ?

2008/8/27 Geert Hendrickx <>:

> Thanks Matthias.  Juan, could you give a status update on this?  I could
> test, but my new PC will arrive today and I don't want to dump/restore it
> too often after I've initially installed it. :-)
> A few other remaining questions:
> - how does ataraid(4) compare to raidframe(4) wrt. unclean shutdowns?  Does
>  it need to do a complete parity rebuild, too?

It doesn't need a parity rebuild. The ataraid(4) driver copies the
same data in the
components if RAID 1, and if one component fails they will be unsync;
in that case
all is handled by the BIOS RAID management.

My goal is to be able to update component config blocks if any component fails,
and bioctl should be able to rebuild the array... but the code needs
to be written
for this yet :-)

> - how do they compare performance-wise?

Haven't tried raidframe on the same hardware, can't say.

> - can I monitor and administer an Intel ataraid card on-line (eg., is it
>  supported by bioctl(8)), or do I need to reboot into the BIOS for that?
>  (as said, FreeBSD's atacontrol(8) is quite extensive.)

On my tree, I added support for bioctl(8) in ataraid(4) volumes. But ATM
it is only able to show status and doesn't handle management.

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