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Re: USB device detection problem

I have a problem on NetBSD 4.0_STABLE with USB ports on an Intel DG33FB motherboard not working under certain conditions.

If I follow the following steps the hard-wired rear (mounted on the motherboard) ports will fail to detect the insertion of a USB flash drive:

- boot the box cold (a warm reboot never reproduces the problem)
- boot with a USB mouse plugged in on one of the rear ports (with no mouse or just a PS/2 mouse the problem cannot be reproduced)

After a matter of seconds (maybe 5-10 seconds?) after having reached the login prompt I'll see the log:

uhub2: device problem, disabling port 2

Any device plugged into one of the rear ports will now not get detected. I can still plug my USB flash drive into one of the ports plugged into the internal USB headers and it works fine. I've reproduced this on 2 Intel DG33FB's. (Btw, the same procedure does not show any problem when booting into Windows XP).

If I change it round a bit and plug the USB mouse into a port connected to one of the internal USB headers, the other port on that header will not work but the rear ports will.

I'll try and compile with USB_DEBUG and repeat the procedure.

Okay some more information; when I set USB debug to the highest level, I can no longer reproduce the problem. Looks like some sort of timing issue on a cold boot. Any advice is most welcome.


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