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Calling all tablet users!

Fellow NetBSD users and developers,

first, apologies if you are receiving duplicates of this message, I am
attempting to reach the board spectrum of "possibly interested folks."

I have been working on an extension to the wscons system for tablet
support in NetBSD, and I'm at a point where feedback is needed.
Testing is in order, but some more scaffolding is needed before ya'll
can help out with that ;)

so a couple survey questions for you tablet users:
 . what tablet are you using? (make/model)
 . how/where are you using your tablet? X?
 . if in X, which driver is your tablet using?

With this information I can make the necessary changes and we can test
out wstablet with real hardware (I've been using a mouse until now..)

if you are interested in the project, more information can be found


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