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Re: High TLB shootdown I interrupts with wm gigabit NIC?

Matthias Scheler wrote:

On 30 Jul 2008, at 20:19, Stefan Krüger wrote:
I heard putting "use sendfile = Yes" in smb.conf gives some
nice speed boost on FreeBSD, you might want to try this on
NetBSD, too

As NetBSD doesn't provide a sendfile system call I would be
surprised if it made any difference.

NetBSD's socket page loaning code should however achieve
similar effects.

    Kind regards

Yep, doesn't seem to have any effect at all :) What I did try was copying a file to two different drives at the same time, and got a speed of 50MB/s via Samba, and closer to 60MB/s with FTP.

Still, as I said, I am quite happy now. Thanks all!

Mark Cullen <>

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