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Re: Dialup Terminal Access

Hi Isaac!

there are some steps you have to do to set up a simple dial-in server.

Of course it's better idea to use external modems, connected directly to
COM ports of the machine. as you know, by default there are 2 com ports,
but you could extend this with cheap PCI cards with additional 2 com
ports. If this is not enough you should take a look to some specialized
cards, lkike that of Ciclades

1. something that will receipts calls from users.
2. authorization part of your schema
3. final decision what a user should can be do after authorization

1. as already mentioned you have to install and set mgetty from pkgsrc.
here I can explain with 2-3 words the process of setting of modems, cause
this will depending of models, but you can find many docs, related to
mgetty in internet

2. the simplest - use system accounts which are members of respectively
group, like dial-in, or something else. The more complex decisions
include using of radius server (on the same machine or some MySQL schema.
As I understood, users don't need of IPs and should work only locally,
on the same machine, isn.t? If yes you don.t need of DHCP server.

3. What are the permissions of users after success. login? From one hand
they have to use some shells, sush as sh or bash to be able to work on
this machine.

I think this will help you little bit for this little rusty job - dial in
server :)))

With very best regards,

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