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Re: RAIDFrame and desktop drives; GreenPower

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 06:23:50AM +0000, George Michaelson wrote:
> > However, the disks proved to be extremely unreliable.

> Unless they deliberately randomize the product coming off the production 
> line, you'd be drawn to suspect some common fault in the diskset that 
> your vendor bought. 
> or... bad storage in the shelves before sale. or, bad treatment in 
> transit.
> did you forget to slow down over a speedbump coming back from the shoppe?
> I really do mean this (ok. not the speedbump) because to have a cluster 
> of failure like this without a known-bad international recall looks like 
> a clustering anomoly which is best explained by them either being faulty 
> make in a small batch, or else otherwise treated badly in common.

The 12 disks arrived in three batches and I didn't transport them myself.. :)
But it sure sounds odd to have so many failures in a short time.  I think the
dealer said I wasn't the only one having problems - but they also said that
the same disk model was working well for some client.  Of course, these disks
were pretty new at that time and there weren't many clients using them back

I would be interested in hearing how the 1 TB Caviars work for others.
The Barracudas seem to work well - so far :)


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