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Re: GPL version 4

On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 05:31:15AM +0800, Morton Harrow wrote:

> In addition to the announcement of the GPLv4, I was trying to discuss
> another point.

Piss off.

        1) if you read the text of GPL, you will notice that "later
versions" are explicitly limited to the versions published by FSF.
Which makes your version rather irrelevant.

        2) in case you've managed to miss it, Linux is *NOT* under "v2 or

        3) discussion of FSF, their mission, their ideals or their imaginary
pet polka-dot goats does not belong here.

        4) pain in your heart or in any other parts of your anatomy that might
have been involved in the creation of that wankstain is, quite frankly, none of
our concern.

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