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Re: insert <TAB> or <ESC> on command line with pdksh?

Glen Johnson wrote:

> How can I enter an <ESC> or <TAB> on the command line interface using 
> pdksh?  When I used csh, tcsh, sh, bash, ksh93 all I have to do is type 
> Ctrl-v and then the character.  With pdksh set to Vi Editing Mode Ctrl-v 
> it works just like the others, however when set to Emacs Editing Mode 
> Ctrl-v gives the version of pdksh and ignores my next key press.  I even 
> tried bind ^V="" to no avail.
> How can I get pdksh set -o emacs act like the other shells?

ksh(1) says to use ctrl-^ then the character you want - that works for


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