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Re: vlan(4) and agr(4) questions


   And the second one - having recent netbsd-4 I've tried to construct vlan(4) 
over agr(4) on two bge(4) BCM5721 interfaces - it seems not to work at all. 
vlan on bge is working, agr on both bge seems to work too (Cisco 2950 says its 
UP and running), but vlan-agr-bge seems to work only on received packets.

   In that configuration I can see incoming tagged packets are properly goes to 
vlan(4) interfaces, but outgoing are always fall to switch's native vlan.

   What can be the problem in that case? And how can I debug this? Routes were 
flushed (even booted with that configuration)

   Sincerelly yours

I tried to do much the same thing with 3 tlp based ethernet ports and it
failed for me too.  I tried to configure it as the following with tagged
packets coming from the switch:

(tlp0 + tlp1 + tlp2) -> agr0 -> (vlanN + vlanM)

For me, it was ofen the case that the first vlan configured would
sometimes work.  The second one would never function.

This works with untagged packets coming from the switch:

(tlp0 + tlp1 + tlp2) -> agr0

This works with tagged packets coming from the switch:

tlp0 -> (vlanN + vlanM)

Brad Spencer - - KC8VKS  - & - [IPv6 only]

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