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Re: bad config syzkaller param: can't find /syzkaller/jobs-2/netbsd/gopath/src/

> Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 14:37:23 +0200
> From: Aleksandr Nogikh <>
> On Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 10:11 AM Taylor R Campbell <> wrote:
> >
> > Looks like syzkaller is having trouble running NetBSD jobs again?
> >
> >
> Thank you for reporting!
> Indeed, there seem to be some problems. I've looked into that for some
> time and filed I'll
> let you know when it's fixed.

Great, thanks!

> It's interesting that there are many "pmap_unwire: wiring for pmap
> <...> did not change!"-like messages in logs for both bugs [1] [2].
> What does it mean?
> [1]
> [2]

Both logs have this line in it, followed by opening and writing to
this file:

compat_50_mknod(&(0x7f0000000000)='./file0\x00', 0x2001, 0x400)

As Chuck explained, this creates a device node mapping the swap space;
if any swap files or devices are configured, writing to this device
node would likely corrupt userland process memory and/or crash
processes.  So I think both of these crash logs are red herrings.

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