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Re: bad config syzkaller param: can't find /syzkaller/jobs-2/netbsd/gopath/src/

On Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 10:11 AM Taylor R Campbell <> wrote:
> Looks like syzkaller is having trouble running NetBSD jobs again?

Thank you for reporting!
Indeed, there seem to be some problems. I've looked into that for some
time and filed I'll
let you know when it's fixed.

> Also these happened recently:

This one looks more like some memory corruption.


At that line we allocate a slice of the same size, as some other slice had:
calls := make([]*Call, len(origCalls))

So len(origCalls) was either < 0 or more than the maximum allowed for
a slice (which shouldn't have happened -- as it's an existing slice
that was passed there). So it's also a result of some memory

It's interesting that there are many "pmap_unwire: wiring for pmap
<...> did not change!"-like messages in logs for both bugs [1] [2].
What does it mean?


> Doesn't look like anything NetBSD-specific, if I understand correctly?

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