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Re: reorganizing /usr/share/doc

On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 07:57:53PM +0200, Julian Djamil Fagir wrote:
 > if you say it's just for reference purposes

that's an odd way to characterize reference manuals

 > and nobody actually uses it

Nobody uses the current /usr/share/doc because it installs as roff
source most people don't particularly know how to handle, and also
because (not unconnectedly) most of it is horribly out of date right

These are things that should be fixed, not made worse.

 > - why not move it out of src at all? I mean, for *referencing*,
 > having them in the wiki or htdocs would be much better.

No, because the docs should ship with the system. There is a tendency
(a fairly strong tendency in some cases) to not have the internet
available when you need to consult the system documentation. (Often
this is because you need to consult the system documentation to get
your net access back.)

 > And if you want to ship the Guide with
 > src after some time, you should also add some other tutorials in the wiki
 > which are not part of the Guide and maybe never will, but are very useful.

Perhaps so, we can argue about that some other time.

 > I'd rather try to get rid of /usr/share/doc for the beginning, and try to
 > unify the source for documentation. Later on, we can put that unified
 > documentation in there again, including everything important.

I don't think that's the right order.

David A. Holland

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