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Re: reorganizing /usr/share/doc


On Fri, 18 Oct 2013 07:52:58 +0000 David Holland wrote:
> Nearly everything we have in /usr/share/doc (plus nearly all the
> vintage 4.4 docs we don't have copies of in the tree) is reference
> material. There are a few tutorials/introductions, and some papers.
> (The key property of papers is that they're historical documents and
> don't update, so they should be filed separately. Papers that aren't
> worth including in their original form should just be dropped.)
> [...]
> In the long run I would also like to ship the Guide in
> /usr/share/doc/guide, but that can't happen with the current toolset
> and should be its own flamewar when the time comes; I'm mentioning it
> because it's supposed to fit into the organizational scheme shown
> above.

if you say it's just for reference purposes and nobody actually uses it - why
not move it out of src at all? I mean, for *referencing*, having them in the
wiki or htdocs would be much better. And if you want to ship the Guide with
src after some time, you should also add some other tutorials in the wiki
which are not part of the Guide and maybe never will, but are very useful.

I'd rather try to get rid of /usr/share/doc for the beginning, and try to
unify the source for documentation. Later on, we can put that unified
documentation in there again, including everything important.

Regards, Julian

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