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ipwctl and ndiscvt move to man8/i386/ ?

Should ipwctl and/or ndiscvt add  to Dt line and go into i386 directory?
        MANSUBDIR=      /i386
or should it mention i386 in the manual page?

As far as I see these are i386 specific.  One way or another the manual 
pages should indicate this, since admins may read man page on their 
platform but not find the corresponding tool.

I will do the work, if you tell me it is okay.

  Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. some examples:

tx:src$ grep MANSUBDIR usr.*/*/Makefile      
usr.sbin/grfconfig/Makefile:MANSUBDIR=  /amiga
usr.sbin/grfinfo/Makefile:MANSUBDIR=    /hp300
usr.sbin/memswitch/Makefile:MANSUBDIR=  /x68k
usr.sbin/tadpolectl/Makefile:MANSUBDIR= /sparc

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