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Re: pkg/55931: Lynx-2.8.9rel.1 doesn't work with libcurses in NetBSD-9

	Hello.  I have been on vacation, but I'll try to get this done in a week or so.  One other
place I notice the problem, is with vi(1) and window(1) when lines wrap from one line to
another on the screen.  The bug is more subtle, but I think it's a manifestation of the same
issue.  This one is interesting because I'm seeing it using vi(1) over an ssh connection into a
window(1) terminal.  In any case, I sure hope the fix cures the problem with window(1) because
this is a critical application for me.

On Jul 19,  4:54pm, Brett Lymn wrote:
} Subject: Re: pkg/55931: Lynx-2.8.9rel.1 doesn't work with libcurses in Net
} On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 10:50:02PM +0000, David Holland wrote:
} >   > run: window -e^o (to make the window command control-o)
} >   > Run lynx under wond of your windows.
} >  
} >  This is the critical part: window doesn't work. Nothing curses-based
} >  seems to display properly, lynx or otherwise.
} >  
} Yes, this is true and, for the record, it wouldn't just be window but
} any terminal that did not use \n for the CUD1 capability.
} This should be fixed in -current, I was waiting for feedback.
} -- 
} Brett Lymn
} --

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