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re: install/56303: On a fresh installation, /tmp on sparc64 is not sticky

>  The minimum supported RAM according to the INSTALL document is 32 MB.
>  That will probably have to be adjusted regardless, but unless we want
>  to quadruple it rather than just doubling it, I think we need to
>  switch back to tar.gz sets.

i ran anita against i386 recently with the default of 32
MB ram and i got a crash while extracting sets:

    Command: progress -zf /mnt2//i386/binary/sets/base.tgz tar --chroot -xpf -

 99% |********************************** |   162 MiB  938.83 KiB/s    00:00 ETApmap_get_physpage: out of memory
[ 223.8692584] cpu0: Begin traceback...
[ 223.8692584] ?(c0e73f4a,c4d04854,c4d04874,c049bfbd,c0e73f4a,c0d7c404,0,0,3,0) at c09ebdd9
[ 223.8692584] ?(c0e73f4a,c0d7c404,0,0,3,0,0,0,314,c4d048b0) at c09ebe83
[ 223.8692584] ?(c157b4c0,c1bd77c0,c0b66400,c19f5200,c4d048bc,14,0,c5400000,c18a0400,1) at c049bfbd
[ 223.8692584] ?(c5010000,c5000000,10000,c4d04904,0,ffffffff,ffffffff,10000,601723,c15cf8c4) at c049c067
[ 223.8692584] ?(c15cf8c0,c5000000,10000,0,ffffffff,ffffffff,10000,601723,c4d04928,c1bc670c) at c095287e
[ 223.8692584] ?(c15cf8c0,c4d04990,10000,0,ffffffff,ffffffff,10000,601723,1,0) at c09538be

i realised that with the 21MB /netbsd GENERIC, there is
even less ram available now than 0.9 days and 16MB ram,
as the kernel wasn't even 1MB:

[   1.0000000] total memory = 32252 KB
[   1.0000000] avail memory = 10076 KB

so we're already well beyond 32MB minimum needed.


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