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Re: kern/55777: more rump fixes

> On Nov 3, 2020, at 5:42 AM, Christos Zoulas <> wrote:
> rump tries to split the kernel into components so that programs that just need a
> particular subsystem from the kernel don't need to link against the whole kernel.
> Unfortunately the kernel was not designed with such a split in mind, so that variables
> are shared between components. The hacky way to make this work is to define them
> in both components. A better way is to put them in a third component and have the other
> two require it, but that introduces overhead.

Seems like we should just put it all into a single rump library.  If it's a static link, it'll naturally reduce the code slurped in, and if it's a shared library, who cares?

-- thorpej

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