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Re: install/55478: netbsd 9.0 - Installer freezes on macbook pro late 2013

> Andrius V <> hat am 11.07.2020 15:10 geschrieben:


>  I would recommend trying UEFI image, since I had better results
>  booting from it on Mac Mini 2014 system, in case you haven't tried
>  yet. I had a black screen issue as well in previous releases, though
>  using UEFI image, not a BIOS boot. Don't remember anymore if it was
>  fixed in NetBSD 9 release or current branch.

I tried several 9.0 images. The usb-uefi version, the usb-bios version and the cdrom version. Same issue.
But, on the bios one, I got log messages. It turns out the issue is the same as
I'm pretty sure the installer wants to know where the root device is

boot device: <unknown>
root device:

and expect that the user type the name of the device. But as far as I know the built in keyboard on this macbook pro is a usb 3 keyboard. And this is disabled while booting.... maybe...
I had the same thing when I tried to install OpenBsd.
Btw, FreeBsd doesn't have this issue.

So I can't obvisely don't plugin an external USB keyboard because USB is disabled??

Any Idea how I can workaround this issue, maybe providing a disk layout where the installer does not run into the interactive session. I could use the FreebSD live installer to prepare the disk.

Any idea/comment?


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