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re: port-evbarm/54308 - critical high priority sw-bug

hi Mike,

thanks for checking.

>  I verified that the patch was applied to my version of if_axen.c and it
>  was.  There is still a bug:

>  Configuring network interfaces: axen0[  73.2746617] panic: kernel
>  diagnostic assertion "mutex_owned(&sc->axen_mii_lock)" failed: file
>  "/c/usr/src/sys/dev/usb/if_axen.c", line 748

yup.  this one comes because, in netbsd-9 and slightly older
-current, i wrote this accidentally:

                case SIOCSIFCAP:

it should be taking axen_mii_lock.

this is fixed in -current already, and i'll make sure it gets
fixed in -9 too.



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