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re: kern/54023: assertion panic during shutdown

can you turn on USB_DEBUG and UHID_DEBUG, make sure that usb_debug
is set in sysctl, make sure ddb will be entered (ddb.onpanic=1),
and since the keyboard probably won't work (it is either the kbd
or mouse that is triggering this fault), also set ddb.commandonenter
to something like "show kernhist usbhist", then we may even get a
useful usb log of what it was doing before the crash.  it may
scroll a lot -- but the really useful stuff is likely in the last
part, so hopefully a picture not video will suffice.



ps: it occurs to me another test case that isn't reboot would be
to (remotely) use drvctl -d to detach the ukbd/ums devices and
see if either or both trigger this problem directly there, or if
something else is the trigger..

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