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Re: port-xen/53965: XEN DomU fails to poweroff in new HEAD kernels

    Date:        Sat, 9 Feb 2019 19:40:50 +0100
    From:        Manuel Bouyer <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | that's a domU; I was talking about dom0.

OK, and yes, I think I remember that too ... it has been years since
I wanted to shutdown my Dom0 (power outages are all that normally affect
it) that I had almost forgotten that.

  | shutdown -p always worked in domUs for me, even with a 2-days old kernel
  | (this is part of the daily anita run)

This is the case we're concerned with, and now I look at Greg's messages
I see he meant a current DomU on an 8_STABLE Dom0.  So we're seeking
the same thing, and it appears that you're right, and it is something
from the API change, and that it needs to be altered.

It should be easy to build with
	options         __XEN_INTERFACE_VERSION__=0x00030201
as you suggested, so I will try that.


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