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Re: pkg/52289: configure script fails for pkgsrc/graphics/ilmbase

The following reply was made to PR bin/52289; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost>
Subject: Re: pkg/52289: configure script fails for pkgsrc/graphics/ilmbase
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:59:26 +0700

     Date:        Mon, 12 Jun 2017 05:01:22 +0000
     Message-ID:  <20170612050122.GA28025%SDF.ORG@localhost>
   | It does have (since a while):
   | CONFIG_SHELL=		bash
 Then someone who understands pkgsrc ought to work out why that is not
 working (because you clearly would not be getting errors from /bin/sh
 if bash were being used.)
   | I wonder whether it'd make sense to just pullup all the /bin/sh changes
   | to 8.0_BETA (and some others). we know it works now, I can build it on
   | 8.99.1 /bin/sh, but apparently not on 8.0_BETA.
 Sorry, no, it definitely does not work now (the shell in current).  It
 limps by, but there are several problems.   Everything that has been
 changed recently that is safe to pull up has been.   I am hoping to commit
 a bunch more fixes quite soon now, but I need to verify that I am not
 making it even worse first (I hope not, but ...)   From what I have been
 seeing recently I'm actually surprised that sh (and not just with my recent
 changes, though some of the recent breakage is all my fault) works as well
 as it does - there is some "so wacky it us unbelievable" code in there
 (and it has been that way a very long time.)
 But, all that said the change that affected ilmbase (barfing on bash syntax)
 is deliberate (though we could change the way it is implemented, as I 
 suggested in a very recent message on tech-userlevel) and, apart doing what
 was postulated there, which would hide this particular case of bashness,
 I think, nothing else that has happened recently, or is going to happen, will
 make that error go away.
 If you can build ilmbase on current (and it is using sh as the shell to
 run the configure script) then something else is broken...

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