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re: kern/37427 document _ksem_* syscalls

> >>  We currently have man pages for sem(4) with cross-refs to several other
> >>  pages for the specific functions.
> >>
> >>  Is there any reason why this is insufficient?  If this is OK, I will
> >>  close the PR.
> >
> > is there documentation on the backend that is sufficient?  how is
> > someone supposed to look at the sem(4) code without understanding
> > the system calls that back it?
> >
> > i don't agree that "hidden" functionality should not be documented,
> > and for actual system calls i don't believe that "in the sources"
> > suffices.
> Ah, so in addition to wanting the syscalls themselves documented
> (which we have already), you want to see a ksem(9) man page 
> describing the internal workings?
> Let me see if I can do something here...  Step 1 - study code ...

i don't need ksem(9) exactly -- that could be largely in the
comments in the code.  i wouldn't object to it.

it's the user/kernel boundary, even if largely hidden from users,
deserves to be properly documented.  it might be documented as
being a backend and point to the normal entry points that should
be used instead.



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