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re: kern/37427 document _ksem_* syscalls

On Sun, 29 Nov 2015, matthew green wrote:

 We currently have man pages for sem(4) with cross-refs to several other
 pages for the specific functions.

 Is there any reason why this is insufficient?  If this is OK, I will
 close the PR.

is there documentation on the backend that is sufficient?  how is
someone supposed to look at the sem(4) code without understanding
the system calls that back it?

i don't agree that "hidden" functionality should not be documented,
and for actual system calls i don't believe that "in the sources"

Ah, so in addition to wanting the syscalls themselves documented
(which we have already), you want to see a ksem(9) man page describing the internal workings?

Let me see if I can do something here...  Step 1 - study code ...

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