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Re: bin/50108 (fsck_ffs fails replaying wapbl journal on filesystem with 4k sectors)

On Mon, 17 Aug 2015 18:23:03 +0000 (UTC) wrote:

> Synopsis: fsck_ffs fails replaying wapbl journal on filesystem with
> 4k sectors
> problem is not understood unless the explanation is posted to
> gnats :-)
Why? Michael's explanation and fix look right: I've tested his proposed
solution, and it works right for both 4k and regular 512 byte sectors. 

BTW, on the other hand, the idea of the fix - passing same function
argument with different units depending on user/kernel mode -  does not
look elegant to me. 

Wouldn't it be better to modify fsck_ffs code (that is the
wapbl_read()/wapbl_write() functions in sbin/fsck_ffs/wapbl.c -
kern/vfs_wapbl.c calls them back for IO when working in user mode) 
to use the same DEV_BSIZE unit as kernel when replaying the journal? 


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