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Re: bin/50148: new ssh does not work at all

(Resending from another machine.  Gnats is so broken it
can't understand quoted/printable mime content..)

On Aug 14, 2015, at 3:35 AM, John Nemeth <> wrote:

> ..
>    I think the issue is here.  Reading the release announcement,
> I see that they have been disabling/deprecating all sorts of things,
> in the name of improving security (and intend to do more of this
> in the next release).  Apparently, they don't think backwards
> compatibility is important.

(Apologies for the unreadable earlier reply, my mail system was being uncooperative)

I do not think that they feel backward compatibility is unimportant.  Rather, the issue is backward compatibility vs. fixing security holes.  If a security hole is considered significant and fixing it requires turning something off that used to be on, this is indeed incompatible, and such a change is the correct one.

It might be debatable whether the change is justified in this specific case, but the implication that this is careless seems wrong to me.


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