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re: kern/50142: Cannot install NetBSD on machine with USB keyboard

T?r?k Edwin writes:
> Thanks to  phadtai on #netbsd for pointing out that it might be related to this FreeBSD bug:
> Indeed my keyboard has Full N-key rollover, and it might explain why they keys are reported differently from normal (or 6-KRO) keyboards.
> Can the patch (or the usbconfig command) be adapted to NetBSD?

not easily.

i found thsi code in uhidev.c, which is similar to what it needs,
but it is not enabled:

151 #if 0
153         qflags = usbd_get_quirks(sc->sc_udev)->uq_flags;
154         if ((qflags & UQ_NO_SET_PROTO) == 0 &&
155             id->bInterfaceSubClass != UISUBCLASS_BOOT)
156                 (void)usbd_set_protocol(iface, 1);
157 #endif

so we're never seting this now.

possible, reversing the above to set the protocol to 0 if there
is a quirk for it would work.

it would be best if someone added real support for this kind of


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