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re: lib/50143: various bugs/weirdness with parsedate(3) (libutil) (+ some suggested fixes)

> 	Sorry, this is going to be a long PR - I thought it better to
> 	send one PR containing all of the problems with parsedate(3) I've
> 	noticed today, rather than 4 or 5 (or whatever) for this one
> 	relatively obscure libutil function.
> 	If you don't care about the grizzly internals of time related
> 	functions, you should probably just delete any e-mail about
> 	this PR (including this message).   That probably leaves about
> 	3 or 4 of us who care...

so, i did read all of this and i think i pretty much agree with
everything in it that is easily doable (vs the questions :-),
except for this part:

> 	Whatever is done needs a pullup to NetBSD 7.

netbsd-7 just went RC3 and we're hoping this will actually be what
is released, so changing libc now seems unlikely.


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