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PR/27 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-test

The following reply was made to PR lib/27; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "Thomas Klausner" <>
Subject: PR/27 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-test
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 18:26:16 +0000

 Module Name:   pkgsrc
 Committed By:  wiz
 Date:          Fri Mar 21 18:26:16 UTC 2014
 Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/py-test: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update to 2.5.2 (leaf package).
 Add missing dependencies. Add test dependencies. Replace interpreter
 path in installed file.
 Changes since 2.3.5:
 - fix issue409 -- better interoperate with cx_freeze by not
   trying to import from which causes problems
   for py27/cx_freeze.  Thanks Wolfgang L. for reporting and tracking it down.
 - fixed docs and code to use "pytest" instead of "py.test" almost everywhere.
   Thanks Jurko Gospodnetic for the complete PR.
 - fix issue425: mention at end of "py.test -h" that --markers
   and --fixtures work according to specified test path (or current dir)
 - fix issue413: exceptions with unicode attributes are now printed
   correctly also on python2 and with pytest-xdist runs. (the fix
   requires py-1.4.20)
 - copy, cleanup and integrate capture
   from pylib 1.4.20.dev2 (rev 13d9af95547e)
 - address issue416: clarify docs as to loading semantics
 - fix issue429: comparing byte strings with non-ascii chars in assert
   expressions now work better.  Thanks Floris Bruynooghe.
 - make capfd/capsys.capture private, its unused and shouldnt be exposed
 - merge new documentation styling PR from Tobias Bieniek.
 - fix issue403: allow parametrize of multiple same-name functions within
   a collection node.  Thanks Andreas Kloeckner and Alex Gaynor for reporting
   and analysis.
 - Allow parameterized fixtures to specify the ID of the parameters by
   adding an ids argument to pytest.fixture() and pytest.yield_fixture().
   Thanks Floris Bruynooghe.
 - fix issue404 by always using the binary xml escape in the junitxml
   plugin.  Thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt.
 - fix issue407: fix addoption docstring to point to argparse instead of
   optparse. Thanks Daniel D. Wright.
 - dropped python2.5 from automated release testing of pytest itself
   which means it's probably going to break soon (but still works
   with this release we believe).
 - simplified and fixed implementation for calling finalizers when
   parametrized fixtures or function arguments are involved.  finalization
   is now performed lazily at setup time instead of in the "teardown phase".
   While this might sound odd at first, it helps to ensure that we are
   correctly handling setup/teardown even in complex code.  User-level code
   should not be affected unless it's implementing the pytest_runtest_teardown
   hook and expecting certain fixture instances are torn down within (very
   unlikely and would have been unreliable anyway).
 - PR90: add --color=yes|no|auto option to force terminal coloring
   mode ("auto" is default).  Thanks Marc Abramowitz.
 - fix issue319 - correctly show unicode in assertion errors.  Many
   thanks to Floris Bruynooghe for the complete PR.  Also means
   we depend on py>=1.4.19 now.
 - fix issue396 - correctly sort and finalize class-scoped parametrized
   tests independently from number of methods on the class.
 - refix issue323 in a better way -- parametrization should now never
   cause Runtime Recursion errors because the underlying algorithm
   for re-ordering tests per-scope/per-fixture is not recursive
   anymore (it was tail-call recursive before which could lead
   to problems for more than >966 non-function scoped parameters).
 - fix issue290 - there is preliminary support now for parametrizing
   with repeated same values (sometimes useful to to test if calling
   a second time works as with the first time).
 - close issue240 - document precisely how pytest module importing
   works, discuss the two common test directory layouts, and how it
   interacts with PEP420-namespace packages.
 - fix issue246 fix finalizer order to be LIFO on independent fixtures
   depending on a parametrized higher-than-function scoped fixture.
   (was quite some effort so please bear with the complexity of this sentence :)
   Thanks Ralph Schmitt for the precise failure example.
 - fix issue244 by implementing special index for parameters to only use
   indices for paramentrized test ids
 - fix issue287 by running all finalizers but saving the exception
   from the first failing finalizer and re-raising it so teardown will
   still have failed.  We reraise the first failing exception because
   it might be the cause for other finalizers to fail.
 - fix ordering when mock.patch or other standard decorator-wrappings
   are used with test methods.  This fixues issue346 and should
   help with random "xdist" collection failures.  Thanks to
   Ronny Pfannschmidt and Donald Stufft for helping to isolate it.
 - fix issue357 - special case "-k" expressions to allow for
   filtering with simple strings that are not valid python expressions.
   Examples: "-k 1.3" matches all tests parametrized with 1.3.
   "-k None" filters all tests that have "None" in their name
   and conversely "-k 'not None'".
   Previously these examples would raise syntax errors.
 - fix issue384 by removing the trial support code
   since the unittest compat enhancements allow
   trial to handle it on its own
 - don't hide an ImportError when importing a plugin produces one.
   fixes issue375.
 - fix issue275 - allow usefixtures and autouse fixtures
   for running doctest text files.
 - fix issue380 by making --resultlog only rely on longrepr instead
   of the "reprcrash" attribute which only exists sometimes.
 - address issue122: allow @pytest.fixture(params=iterator) by exploding
   into a list early on.
 - fix pexpect-3.0 compatibility for pytest's own tests.
   (fixes issue386)
 - allow nested parametrize-value markers, thanks James Lan for the PR.
 - fix unicode handling with new monkeypatch.setattr(import_path, value)
   API.  Thanks Rob Dennis.  Fixes issue371.
 - fix unicode handling with junitxml, fixes issue368.
 - In assertion rewriting mode on Python 2, fix the detection of coding
   cookies. See issue #330.
 - make "--runxfail" turn imperative pytest.xfail calls into no ops
   (it already did neutralize pytest.mark.xfail markers)
 - refine pytest / pkg_resources interactions: The AssertionRewritingHook
   PEP302 compliant loader now registers itself with setuptools/pkg_resources
   properly so that the pkg_resources.resource_stream method works properly.
   Fixes issue366.  Thanks for the investigations and full PR to Jason R. 
 - pytestconfig fixture is now session-scoped as it is the same object during 
   whole test run.  Fixes issue370.
 - avoid one surprising case of marker malfunction/confusion::
       @pytest.mark.some(lambda arg: ...)
       def test_function():
   would not work correctly because pytest assumes @pytest.mark.some
   gets a function to be decorated already.  We now at least detect if this
   arg is an lambda and thus the example will work.  Thanks Alex Gaynor
   for bringing it up.
 - xfail a test on pypy that checks wrong encoding/ascii (pypy does
   not error out). fixes issue385.
 - internally make varnames() deal with classes's __init__,
   although it's not needed by pytest itself atm.  Also
   fix caching.  Fixes issue376.
 - fix issue221 - handle importing of namespace-package with no properly.
 - refactor internal FixtureRequest handling to avoid monkeypatching.
   One of the positive user-facing effects is that the "request" object
   can now be used in closures.
 - fixed version comparison in pytest.importskip(modname, minverstring)
 - fix issue377 by clarifying in the nose-compat docs that pytest
   does not duplicate the unittest-API into the "plain" namespace.
 - fix verbose reporting for @mock'd test functions
 - on Windows require colorama and a newer py lib so that
   now uses colorama instead of its own ctypes hacks. (fixes issue365)
   thanks Paul Moore for bringing it up.
 - fix "-k" matching of tests where "repr" and "attr" and other names would
   cause wrong matches because of an internal implementation quirk
   (don't ask) which is now properly implemented. fixes issue345.
 - avoid tmpdir fixture to create too long filenames especially
   when parametrization is used (issue354)
 - fix pytest-pep8 and pytest-flakes / pytest interactions
   (collection names in mark plugin was assuming an item always
   has a function which is not true for those plugins etc.)
   Thanks Andi Zeidler.
 - introduce node.get_marker/node.add_marker API for plugins
   like pytest-pep8 and pytest-flakes to avoid the messy
   details of the node.keywords  pseudo-dicts.  Adapated
 - remove attempt to "dup" stdout at startup as it's icky.
   the normal capturing should catch enough possibilities
   of tests messing up standard FDs.
 - add pluginmanager.do_configure(config) as a link to
   config.do_configure() for plugin-compatibility
 - When using parser.addoption() unicode arguments to the
   "type" keyword should also be converted to the respective types.
   thanks Floris Bruynooghe, @dnozay. (fixes issue360 and issue362)
 - fix dotted filename completion when using argcomplete
   thanks Anthon van der Neuth. (fixes issue361)
 - fix regression when a 1-tuple ("arg",) is used for specifying
   parametrization (the values of the parametrization were passed
   nested in a tuple).  Thanks Donald Stufft.
 - merge doc typo fixes, thanks Andy Dirnberger
 known incompatibilities:
 - if calling --genscript from python2.7 or above, you only get a
   standalone script which works on python2.7 or above.  Use Python2.6
   to also get a python2.5 compatible version.
 - all xunit-style teardown methods (nose-style, pytest-style,
   unittest-style) will not be called if the corresponding setup method failed,
   see issue322 below.
 - the pytest_plugin_unregister hook wasn't ever properly called
   and there is no known implementation of the hook - so it got removed.
 - pytest.fixture-decorated functions cannot be generators (i.e. use
   yield) anymore.  This change might be reversed in 2.4.1 if it causes
   unforeseen real-life issues.  However, you can always write and return
   an inner function/generator and change the fixture consumer to iterate
   over the returned generator.  This change was done in lieu of the new
   ``pytest.yield_fixture`` decorator, see below.
 new features:
 - experimentally introduce a new ``pytest.yield_fixture`` decorator
   which accepts exactly the same parameters as pytest.fixture but
   mandates a ``yield`` statement instead of a ``return statement`` from
   fixture functions.  This allows direct integration with "with-style"
   context managers in fixture functions and generally avoids registering
   of finalization callbacks in favour of treating the "after-yield" as
   teardown code.  Thanks Andreas Pelme, Vladimir Keleshev, Floris
   Bruynooghe, Ronny Pfannschmidt and many others for discussions.
 - allow boolean expression directly with skipif/xfail
   if a "reason" is also specified.  Rework skipping documentation
   to recommend "condition as booleans" because it prevents surprises
   when importing markers between modules.  Specifying conditions
   as strings will remain fully supported.
 - reporting: color the last line red or green depending if
   failures/errors occured or everything passed.  thanks Christian
 - make "import pdb ; pdb.set_trace()" work natively wrt capturing (no
   "-s" needed anymore), making ``pytest.set_trace()`` a mere shortcut.
 - fix issue181: --pdb now also works on collect errors (and
   on internal errors) .  This was implemented by a slight internal
   refactoring and the introduction of a new hook
   ``pytest_exception_interact`` hook (see next item).
 - fix issue341: introduce new experimental hook for IDEs/terminals to
   intercept debugging: ``pytest_exception_interact(node, call, report)``.
 - new monkeypatch.setattr() variant to provide a shorter
   invocation for patching out classes/functions from modules:
      monkeypatch.setattr("requests.get", myfunc)
   will replace the "get" function of the "requests" module with ``myfunc``.
 - fix issue322: tearDownClass is not run if setUpClass failed. Thanks
   Mathieu Agopian for the initial fix.  Also make all of pytest/nose
   finalizer mimick the same generic behaviour: if a setupX exists and
   fails, don't run teardownX.  This internally introduces a new method
   "node.addfinalizer()" helper which can only be called during the setup
   phase of a node.
 - simplify pytest.mark.parametrize() signature: allow to pass a
   CSV-separated string to specify argnames.  For example:
   ``pytest.mark.parametrize("input,expected",  [(1,2), (2,3)])``
   works as well as the previous:
   ``pytest.mark.parametrize(("input", "expected"), ...)``.
 - add support for setUpModule/tearDownModule detection, thanks Brian Okken.
 - integrate tab-completion on options through use of "argcomplete".
   Thanks Anthon van der Neut for the PR.
 - change option names to be hyphen-separated long options but keep the
   old spelling backward compatible.  py.test -h will only show the
   hyphenated version, for example "--collect-only" but "--collectonly"
   will remain valid as well (for backward-compat reasons).  Many thanks to
   Anthon van der Neut for the implementation and to Hynek Schlawack for
   pushing us.
 - fix issue 308 - allow to mark/xfail/skip individual parameter sets
   when parametrizing.  Thanks Brianna Laugher.
 - call new experimental pytest_load_initial_conftests hook to allow
   3rd party plugins to do something before a conftest is loaded.
 Bug fixes:
 - fix issue358 - capturing options are now parsed more properly
   by using a new parser.parse_known_args method.
 - pytest now uses argparse instead of optparse (thanks Anthon) which
   means that "argparse" is added as a dependency if installing into python2.6
   environments or below.
 - fix issue333: fix a case of bad unittest/pytest hook interaction.
 - PR27: correctly handle nose.SkipTest during collection.  Thanks
   Antonio Cuni, Ronny Pfannschmidt.
 - fix issue355: junitxml puts name="pytest" attribute to testsuite tag.
 - fix issue336: autouse fixture in plugins should work again.
 - fix issue279: improve object comparisons on assertion failure
   for standard datatypes and recognise  Thanks to
   Brianna Laugher and Mathieu Agopian.
 - fix issue317: assertion rewriter support for the is_package method
 - fix issue335: document py.code.ExceptionInfo() object returned
   from pytest.raises(), thanks Mathieu Agopian.
 - remove implicit distribute_setup support from
 - fix issue305: ignore any problems when writing pyc files.
 - SO-17664702: call fixture finalizers even if the fixture function
   partially failed (finalizers would not always be called before)
 - fix issue320 - fix class scope for fixtures when mixed with
   module-level functions.  Thanks Anatloy Bubenkoff.
 - you can specify "-q" or "-qq" to get different levels of "quieter"
   reporting (thanks Katarzyna Jachim)
 - fix issue300 - Fix order of conftest loading when starting py.test
   in a subdirectory.
 - fix issue323 - sorting of many module-scoped arg parametrizations
 - make sessionfinish hooks execute with the same cwd-context as at
   session start (helps fix plugin behaviour which write output files
   with relative path such as pytest-cov)
 - fix issue316 - properly reference collection hooks in docs
 - fix issue 306 - cleanup of -k/-m options to only match markers/test
   names/keywords respectively.  Thanks Wouter van Ackooy.
 - improved doctest counting for doctests in python modules --
   files without any doctest items will not show up anymore
   and doctest examples are counted as separate test items.
   thanks Danilo Bellini.
 - fix issue245 by depending on the released py-1.4.14
   which fixes to work with files with no
   mode. Thanks Jason R. Coombs.
 - fix junitxml generation when test output contains control characters,
   addressing issue267, thanks Jaap Broekhuizen
 - fix issue338: honor --tb style for setup/teardown errors as well.  Thanks 
 - fix issue307 - use yaml.safe_load in example, thanks Mark Eichin.
 - better parametrize error messages, thanks Brianna Laugher
 - pytest_terminal_summary(terminalreporter) hooks can now use
   ".section(title)" and ".line(msg)" methods to print extra
   information at the end of a test run.
 To generate a diff of this commit:
 cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/devel/py-test/Makefile \
     pkgsrc/devel/py-test/PLIST pkgsrc/devel/py-test/distinfo
 Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
 copyright notices on the relevant files.

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