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Re: kern/48277: Booting under KVM yields panic: siop_intr: I shouldn't be there !

Martin Husemann wrote:
>  The printf should be conditionalized on SIOP_DEBUG_INTR and the return
>  should be "return retval;" - otherwise the change looks good enough to
>  go in.

And Manuel Bouyer replied:
> No, if you want to remove the panic the printf should stay
> inconditionally.

I concur with Manuel.  Furthermore, I don't see the point in changing
the "return 1;" to "return retval;", because retval will always be 1
at that point in the code, and other return statements in the vicinity
already say "return 1;", so "return 1;" seems simpler, clearer, and
more consistent with the existing code.

Unless there are other objections, I will change the panic into an
unconditional printf followed by "return 1;".
Andreas Gustafsson,

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