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Re: misc/47827: [PATCH] improve portability of NetBSD libc testcases

On Fri, 17 May 2013 13:17:47 -0400, Garrett Cooper writes:
>> @@ -1 +1,3 @@
>> +CFLAGS+=3D  -I${.CURDIR:H:H}
>> +
>       I forgot that NetBSD has a more sane (and correct) way of =
>representing this:

The reason I use SRCTOP to represent the top of the src tree is, that it
is generic and thus portable from one project to another.

>       The above form works for me because I can't go more than two =
>levels deep in the libc tests directory I've imported because of missing =
>build changes in FreeBSD that I'm not willing/able to fix quite yet as =
>our copy of doesn't support directory traversal and =
>specifying PROG*/SCRIPTS* out of the box.

I committed the patch you sent recently - is this something else?

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