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Re: kern/47676: Off-by-one error in reported CD capacity means last sector cannot be read

On Fri, March 29, 2013 23:05, Reinoud Zandijk wrote:
>  BRRR... the horrors haunt me again :) They seem to always create a -ROM
> first and then later bodge -R and -RW/-RE versions *sigh*
>  It would explain the 2 less reported. Hmm i could make the code check the
> disc
>  type and if its a CD-R(W) make it DTRT but it won't be pretty. On
> recorders I
>  use the newer READ_TRACKINFO but aparently they haven't fixed it there
> either,
>  at least in some drives.
>  It needs more thought aparently, though i hope to fix it ASAP before 6.2
> gets
>  rolled out or 7 gets forked.

I wonder whether it's worth trying to correct too-large reported
capacities at all. Do any other operating systems attempt to do that? It
may not be worth the hassle.

Many pressed CD-ROMs cause drives to report a too-large capacity as well.

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