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Re: bin/47394: Mysql daemon does not START in boot time

2013/1/8, Sverre Froyen <>:
> Hi,
> I just wanted to check if you tried adding the delay or redirecting the
> output in /etc/rc.d/mysqld script. See
> Like I said, both of these solved my issue (which sounded very similar to
> yours).

This is partial solution, but my purpose is that it should be fixed in
the another release (6.0.x) because is a bug (i believe it) NetBSD for
me is a good operating system and this strange behavior in the boot
time is serious for me, i did my part puting the strange behavior, if
it will not fixed as early release (where it was simple to start mysql
(NetBSD 5.x)) then i will think to use OpenBSD or FreeBSD for server,
i close the thread, thanks a lot for some people for their atention
and time.

Again thanks a lot!
> Regards,
> Sverre

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